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starters soups Mains sides salads

desserts breakfasts and brunches bread, cakes and biscuits

sauces vinegars and infused oils snacks


asparagus, beer battered, with lemon and gherkin aioli
borlotti bean, hazelnut and porcini pâté (v,gf)
broad bean and coriander falafel
broad bean, feta and chive tarts
broad bean hummus with za’atar and sesame crackers (v)
broccoli tempura, soy and ginger dipping sauce (v,gf)
butter bean hummus with herbs and sunflower seeds (v,gf)
calabrese pakora (v,gf)
carrots and butter beans, carrot top pesto (v,gf)
carrot tempura, coriander and lemon aioli (v,gf)
cauliflower samosas (v)
chard and butter beans with wild garlic (v,gf)
chickpea, fresh, in hummus (v,gf)
courgette and red onion pakora (v,gf)
onion bhaji (v,gf)
parsnip roast, cannellini bean puree, crispy lentils (v,gf)
pea and broad bean croquettes, Thai basil sauce (v,gf)
pea and coconut dhal (v,gf)
potato, cauliflower and pea burgers, curried (v,gf)
tomato fritters, Greek style (v,gf)
tomatoes stuffed with herbs and Parmesan
vegetable carpaccio (v,gf)
vegetables in tempura, sweet chilli dipping sauce (v,gf)
wild garlic tartlets
wild garlic and yellow split pea tarka dhal (v,gf)


asparagus, coconut and lemongrass soup
aubergine and lemon (v,gf)
beetroot and horseradish soup (v)
beetroot, golden, fennel and saffron soup (v,gf)
broad bean, spring onion and oregano soup (v,gf)
broccoli, courgette and wasabi soup (v,gf)
broccoli, pea and mint soup (v,gf)
butternut and lentil soup, sweet chermoula oil (v,gf)
chickpea soup with rosemary oil (v,gf)
garlic, white bean and rosemary soup (v,gf)
Jerusalem artichoke and roast garlic soup (v,gf)
kale and shiitake tom yum (v,gf)
kale and sweet potato soup, horseradish cream (v,gf)
leek, broccoli and chard soup (v,gf)
leek, potato and coconut soup (v,gf)
minestrone, green (v)
noodle soup with pak choi and lemongrass (v,gf)
noodle and bean soup, Persian-style (v)
parsnip and chestnut soup with sage oil (v,gf)
parsnip and white bean soup, curried croutons (v)
pea and rocket consommé with asparagus (v,gf)
pea and tarragon soup (v,gf)
potato soup with chive oil (v,gf)
potato, rosemary and chilli soup (v,gf)
pumpkin and coconut soup, Thai-style (v,gf)
scallopini soup with garlic and mint (v,gf)
strawberry gazpacho (v,gf)
swede and carrot soup with smoked paprika (v,gf)
sweetcorn and roasted yellow pepper soup (v,gf)
sweet potato mulligatawny soup (v,gf)
tomato soup with basil oil (v,gf)
tomato, lentil and tamarind soup (v,gf)
tomato, yellow gazpacho (v,gf)
vegetable soup, Tuscan-style


asparagus, broad bean and Spring herb tart
asparagus, lemon and basil pasta
asparagus, open ravioli, with pea purée
asparagus, ricotta and basil tart
aubergine and shiitake, Thai-style, peanut sauce (v,gf)
aubergine, basil and tomato penne
aubergine, butternut and lentil massaman curry (v,gf)
aubergine, chickpeas, wilted spinach (v,gf)
aubergine, crispy, with a hot, sweet and sour sauce (v,gf)
aubergine fritters with pomegranate salad and labneh
aubergine, miso and sesame glazed (v,gf)
aubergine, tomato and chickpea casserole (v,gf)
aubergine, tomato and Parmesan bake
bean and herb stew, Persian -style
bean and tomato stew, camp fire (v,gf)
bean and vegetable casserole with pistou (v,gf)
beetroot, chickpea and bean burgers (v)
broad bean, dill and mozzarella fritters
broad bean, miso and hazelnut pesto, with spaghetti (v)
broad bean pilaf, slow roast tomatoes, lemon zhug (v)
borlotti bean cassoulet (v,gf)
broccoli and courgette with feta and preserved lemon (gf)
broccoli steaks with chimichurri sauce (v,gf)
broccoli, chargrilled with spaghetti and lemon and basil pesto
broccoli, pea and chive tart
butternut, stuffed, cranberry and juniper sauce (v,gf)
carrot and apricot falafel with whipped feta and dukkah (gf)
carrot, cashew and coriander fritters
carrot, courgette and halloumi burgers with chive aioli
cauliflower and thyme risotto, lemon pangritata
cauliflower, char-grilled with salsa verde (v,gf)
cauliflower, Kung Pao (v,gf)
cauliflower, pea and paneer curry (gf)
cauliflower, roast with hummus and pomegranate (gf)
cauliflower tempura with pickled ginger and coconut curry sauce (v,gf)
chard and Parmesan tart
chard, broccoli and chickpea broth, basil, pine nuts (v,gf)
chard, leek and potato pies
chicory and olive tart
chick pea curry, green pea pilau (v,gf)
chickpea, pepper and olive stew (v,gf)
courgette, aubergine and tomato tart
courgettes, Catalan-style stuffed
courgette linguine
courgette, tomato and olive tian (gf)
flageolet bean and crispy leek risotto with truffle oil (v,gf)
halloumi, beer battered, chips, “mushy peas”
halloumi in buttermilk, coriander, lime, chilli dressing (gf)
halloumi with roast vegetables and zhug (gf)
herb and mozarella fritters
kale and butter bean fritters (v,gf)
kale, quinoa and nut roast en croute
leek, mushroom and pepper stroganoff
leek, potato and chive cakes with shallot and tomato sauce (gf)
leeks, braised, with butter beans and farro (v)
leek tart with hazelnut crust
mushroom and ale pie (v,gf)
mushroom and chestnut ragout, parsnip puree (v,gf)
mushroom, black bean and quinoa burgers with vegan aioli (v,gf)
mushroom char sui (v,gf)
mushroom fricassee with butternut squash fondant (v,gf)
mushroom, hazelnut and cranberry strudel (v)
mushroom steaks with salmoriglio sauce (v,gf)
mushroom tagliatelle with tarragon sauce (v)
mushrooms, Szechuan-style with aubergine (v,gf)
noodles, Cantonese-style (v)
noodles, green curry
noodles, Indonesian-style (v,gf)
noodles, Singapore-style (v)
noodles, Szechuan-style (v,gf)
onion, caramelised, and thyme tart
paneer, khadai (gf)
parsnip, cranberry and nut roast (v,gf)
parsnip, ricotta and chive gnocchi with lemon and sage butter
parsnip, roast, cannellini bean puree, crispy lentils (v,gf)
pea and chickpea cakes, curry oil (v,gf)
pea and ricotta polpette, mint and pistachio pesto
pea, avocado and basil risotto (gf)
pea pancakes with feta, olive and mint (gf)
pea, pistachio and mint pesto with pappardelle
pinto beans, Mexican-style, with green rice (v, gf)
potato and French bean pasta with pesto
potato and mint pakora with spicy chickpeas (v,gf)
potato, broad bean and spinach frittata (gf)
potato, chive and Cheddar croquettes with apple chutney
pumpkin and cavolo nero risotto with pumpkin seed pesto (gf)
pumpkin and lentil curry, Keralan-style (v,gf)
rice and beans, Cuban-style (v,gf)
rice and lentils, Lebanese-style with crispy onions (v,gf)
rice, Indonesian-style fried (v,gf)
rice, Vietnamese-style fried (v,gf)
spinach, fritters with red lentil dhal (v,gf)
spinach, mozzarella and basil polpette
squash and bean chilli with guacamole (v,gf)
squash, mushroom and chestnut pie (v,gf)
squash, stuffed, tahini sauce, cinnamon onions (v,gf)
sweetcorn fritters, Thai-style, sweet chilli dipping sauce (gf)
tofu and mushroom Bolognese (v)
tofu and pea curry (v,gf)
tofu kebabs with satay sauce (v,gf)
tofu, pak choi and broccoli with vegan XO sauce (v,gf)
tofu, stir-fried with peppers
tofu, Szechuan-style with spring onions (v,gf)
tofu, Vietnamese-style with pak choi and basil (v,gf)
tofu with katsu curry (v)
tomato and spinach risotto, confit tomatoes, basil puree (v,gf)
tomatoes, slow roast with basil spaghetti (v)
vegetable and bean casserole with pistou (v,gf)
vegetable and paneer stir-fry (gf)
vegetable chow mein (v,gf)
vegetable hotpot (v,gf)
vegetable Irish stew (v,gf)
vegetable pad thai (v,gf)
vegetable Thai green curry (v,gf)
vegetables roasted in harissa, couscous, feta, pumpkin seeds (gf)
wild garlic gnocchi with kale (v)
wild nettle pizza


asparagus, roasted, with almonds (v,gf)
aubergine with pomegranate molasses (v,gf)
broccoli, stir fried with sesame and garlic (v,gf)
Brussels sprouts and shallots, lemon, smoked sea salt (v,gf)
Brussels sprouts with spring onions and sriracha (v,gf)
Butter beans, gigantes (v,gf)
cabbage with miso and sesame (v,gf)
cannellini beans with garlic and oregano (v,gf)
carrots, sweet and sour glazed (v,gf)
celeriac and cumin oven fries (v,gf)
courgette, chargrilled with lemon and basil (v,gf)
courgette with paprika, saffron and oregano (v,gf)
green beans, stir fried with crispy shallots (v,gf)
pak choi and broccoli with soy sauce and garlic (v,gf)
potato, aloo chaat (v,gf)
potato, Bombay (v,gf)
potatoes, roasted and crushed (v,gf)
potatoes, roasted stacks with thyme (v,gf)
potatoes, triple cooked chips (v,gf)
red pepper, roast with garlic and basil (v,gf)
rice, with turmeric and peas
swede, spicy oven fries (v,gf)
sweetcorn ribs (v, gf)
sweet potato and spring onion latkes (v,gf)
sweet potato oven fries (v,gf)


asparagus, strawberry and red onion salad (v,gf)
bean sprout slaw, ginger and sesame dressing (v,gf)
beetroot, avocado and pink grapefruit salad (v,gf)
beetroot, halloumi and freekeh salad
broccoli, almond and buckwheat noodle salad (v,gf)
butternut, chickpea and kale (v,gf)
cabbage, in summer slaw with Pad Thai dressing (v,gf)
chickpea and avocado salad (v,gf)
cucumber, shallot and strawberry salad (v,gf)
cucumber, smashed (v)
cucumber, Thai-style salad (v,gf)
French bean and sesame salad (v,gf)
frisée, cannellini bean and avocado salad (v,gf)
peach, smoked avocado and mozzarella salad (gf)
pear, walnut and pomegranate salad (v,gf)
potato salad with rocket, lemon and mint pesto (v,gf)
radicchio, carrot and blood orange salad (v,gf)
radish, broad bean and mint salad (v,gf)
red cabbage, apple and cranberry salad (v,gf)
rice and lentil salad (v,gf)
rocket, crispy shallot and Parmesan salad (gf)
salad niçoise (gf)
samphire, hazelnut and roast lemon salad (v,gf)
squash, quinoa and black chickpea salad (v,gf)


apple and rosemary tartlets (v)
apple crumble tart with malt ice cream (v)
apple doughnuts, toasted pine nut ice cream (v,gf)
blackberry and blueberry pecan crumble (v,gf)
blood orange and thyme sorbet (v,gf)
blueberry fool (v,gf)
blueberry tart, lemon verbena ice cream (v,gf)
cherry, almond and pistachio crumble (v,gf)
chestnut and chocolate tart (v,gf)
chocolate and smoked salt tart with bay leaf ice cream (v,gf)
chocolate and olive oil mousse with cherry compote
chocolate, olive oil and smoked sea salt sorbet (v,gf)
churros with chocolate sauce (v,gf)
clementines, spiced with clementine sorbet (v,gf)
cobnut and cacao nib ice cream (v,gf)
cobnut and chocolate pavé (v,gf)
coffee ice cream, pecan biscotti (v)
French tarragon and olive oil ice cream (v, gf)
loganberry and lavender sorbet (v,gf)
peanut butter and chocolate tart, roast banana ice cream (v,gf)
pears, almond stuffed with chocolate sauce (v,gf)
pear and star anise sorbet with pear wafers (v,gf)
pears, poached, pecan granola, miso ice cream (v,gf)
pear tatins with cinnamon ice cream (v)
plums, roasted with pistachio crumb (v, gf)
plum sorbet with macadamia and sesame brittle (v,gf)
pumpkin seed, cranberry and nut tartlets
raspberry and mint sorbet (v,gf)
raspberry, in summer fruits creme brulee (gf)
rhubarb and lemongrass fool (v,gf)
rhubarb and lemongrass granita (v,gf)
rhubarb and star anise Eton mess (v,gf)
rhubarb and vanilla Bakewell tart
rhubarb crumble and custard ice cream (v,gf)
rhubarb tart with star anise ice cream
rosemary and pine nut semifreddo
rose petal and rhubarb ice cream (v,gf)
strawberries, balsamic roasted (v,gf)
strawberry crème brulee (v,gf)
strawberry crumble with elderflower ice cream (v,gf)
strawberry sorbet (v,gf)
Thai basil and lemongrass ice cream (v,gf)

breakfasts and brunches

asparagus, char-grilled with chickpea pancakes (v,gf)
asparagus, poached egg, mint and Parmesan
banana, peanut butter and strawberry smoothie (v,gf)
eggs, green shakshuka (gf)
eggs, huevos rancheros (gf)
sweet potato, turnip and chickpea hash (v,gf)

bread, cakes and biscuits

banana cake, caramelised
banana fritters, Keralan-style (v)
olive oil and poppy seed sourdough crackers
rosemary flatbread biscuits (v)
sourdough bread (v)
sourdough starter (v)


apple chutney (v,gf)
carrot pickle (v,gf)
chive aioli (gf)
chive oil (v,gf)
cranberry and juniper sauce (v,gf)
coriander relish (v,gf)
damson ketchup (v,gf)
hot sweet and sour sauce (v,gf)
lemon and gherkin aioli (gf)
pea, pistachio and mint pesto (gf)
pistou (v,gf)
rocket, lemon and mint pesto (v, gf)
rhubarb and vanilla jam (v,gf)
salmoriglio sauce (v,gf)
salsa verde (v,gf)
satay sauce (v,gf)
shallot and tomato sauce (v,gf)
soy and ginger dipping sauce (v,gf)
spinach, walnut and rosemary pesto (v,gf)
sriracha (v,gf)
sweet chilli dipping sauce (v,gf)
tahini sauce (v,gf)
tarragon sauce (v,gf)
Thai basil sauce (v,gf)
vegetable gravy (v,gf)

vinegars and infused oils

chive oil (v,gf)
curry oil (v,gf)
raspberry vinegar (v,gf)
rosemary oil (v,gf)
sage oil (v,gf)
sweet chermoula oil (v,gf)
wild garlic oil (v,gf)


asparagus, basil and sesame wraps (v)
beetroot, kale and blue cheese tartlets
celery with peanut butter and smoked paprika (v,gf)
cheese, smoked, in beignets
spring onion and herb panelle (v,gf)
parsnip crisps with smoked salt and thyme (v,gf)

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