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seasonal vegetarian recipes with a side helping of food politics


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  1. hi Steve
    We have met before a few times as I’m Paul & Bernie’s sister-in-law (Phil’s wife)

    I love it when your Blog updates arrive in my in-box, so that I can hop onto your Blog and look at the gorgeous recipes. I know I should be concerned with all the food politics, and do read some of your intro’s, but I have to ‘fess up and say that I usually just go straight to that month’s recipe.

    I’m sure that it has been suggested to you before, but have you considered compiling all the recipes so far into a book – I am a cookery book addict having over 300 of which over 60 are vegetarian/vegan.

    I prefer hard copy cookbooks but as I am running out of shelf space and know I should be concerned about all the trees, I have started to buy some e- cookery books on Amazon kindle.

    I would love it if I could buy an e-book of your recipes which would be especially wonderful if you could include your stunning photos – I do like to see photos in cooks books…photos make you hungry straight away, whereas it takes a bit more work to read through a recipe and “digest” it to start appreciating what it may taste like.

    If you do assemble your own e-book, or get a hard copy published (a lot more expensive, I know), please can you let me know

    cheers, karen – and thanks for all your work on this wonderful blog

    • Hi Karen. Thank you so much for your lovely comments.
      I do realise that amongst those who follow my blog there are those who do so principally for the recipes and those who do so for the food politics, and that’s fine.
      As it happens, I am indeed planning to produce a cookbook but other commitments mean it is some way off, realistically 18 months or more. I agree with you that a recipe is much more enticing, as well as easier to reproduce, when it includes a photograph of the finished dish, so I promise that will be how mine will look! I will certainly let you know if and when my cookbook comes to fruition. 🙂

  2. Did you do your cookbook? I used to have Moosewood, Goldbecks and some other vegetarian cookbooks. I fell of the wagon when I tried to give up dairy and your site fills the bill. A little gourmet for my taste, but doable, just the same. I’m glad to find this site. Thank you for sharing such pertinent information.

    • Hi Lisa. Thank you so much for your kind comments about this site. The cookbook is still planned, and I have actually commenced work on it, but I’m afraid it’s still some way off completion. I will certainly be publicising it when it is finally completed and published. Steve

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